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Welcome to the new world of online stock trading. MarketBulls is the #1 investor resource on the web. Our community of traders, brokers, analysts, media, and industry insiders allow us to deliver to you, the investor, the most current stocks in play on the small cap MarketBulls and penny stock markets on a daily basis instantly and electronically. MarketBulls alerts, give you the advantage you need for superior returns

At MarketBulls, we specialize in featuring microcap companies. A microcap is a common stock that usually trades under a $100 million market capitalization and is traded over the counter (MarketBulls) through quotation services such as the MarketBulls Bulletin Board or the Pink Sheets. Information on microcap companies can be difficult to locate, so it is our mission to provide the most current and pertinent information available about our featured emerging growth companies.

Under current market conditions, it is our belief, that there’s much greater potential in small and microcap stocks and MarketBulls has the resources to bring these often overlooked stocks to the investment community forefront. If you have an undervalued company or stock that you would like to see on MarketBulls, please fill out our questionnaire and we will review to determine if it meets our criteria. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our featured microcap stocks!

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